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Get Off AUTO - have a go, and seriously think about Photography Basics - it's the quick course.
Let's Get You Going! - get hands on help and have fun learning - Photography with EASE.
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It really is as easy as 1,2,3
1.  First of all you need to know your camera and what all those settings are for - the best way to start experimenting with the 3 most important settings - Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO, is with"Photography Basics"

2.  Then, with good quality base photos to play with, photo editing becomes seriously fun...and your results will be amazing - we recommend our favourite editing software and apps and training videos - you'll find the links below.

3.  Once you are familiar and comfortable with your gear and these settings, take your photography to the next level and seriously look at composition, lighting, special effects, pro tips and tricks, and more with "Photography with EASE"
Photography Basics
This online course includes a 30 page PDF and is a great starting place if you've never dared to move the dial off Auto on your camera before.  

It includes over 70 images and graphics and a separate download of 15 full size Cheat Sheets extracted from the course that you can upload to your device (or print) for handy reference.  Install the app - compatible with all smartphones for fingertip access.
Photo Editing
It's the secret sauce!  Did you know that every great photo you look at has been edited!? Literally nothing great comes straight out of the camera looking awesome. 

There are lots of photo editing programs and apps out there so I have put everything I use none page with links to access them for yourself.
How To Videos
While I'm still putting my own videos together for you, I've collected the best editing 'how to' videos from the software developers of my recommended apps list.

These videos help you to set up your workspace and go through how to use all the basic settings that you need to know to make your photos look their best.
Photography With E.A.S.E
This is it!  Did you know there's a process to taking a great photo.  Learn these 4 steps and stop worrying whether it's going to turn out or not.

This course involves lots of hands on learning and live trainings and includes an online classroom, pdf downloads, cheatsheets, app, webinars and access to me for all your questions.
Take Great Photos
Coming Soon..
The ultimate all you need to know online and downloadable Photography Course with ibook, ebook, cheat sheets, videos and iphone/android app.

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