Photo Editing - The Secret Sauce
How to turn good photos in to GREAT works of art! - Here's what I use:
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On1 Photo RAW
I can't recommend this app enough - available for Mac and PC, it's a must have.  Personally I use it instead of Lightroom for photo management, browsing, and editing on all levels for RAW and JPG files. Head over to our Videos Page for the best of On1's how-to videos
Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom is the industry standard so I have added it here - personally I find it a bit big and slow compared to On1 Photo RAW.  the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is good value...though you could also just grab Photoshop Elements and On1 Photo RAW for a one time price.
On1 Effects 10 - FREE!
Effects 10 Standard Edition includes a select number of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures from On1 Effects 10. Plug-in to Adobe® Lightroom® and Photoshop® or work as a standalone application. It's a great way to start out with On1 Products.
Aurora HDR
Aurora HDR is a premier Mac app and just one of many great editing apps available from it's developer Macphun.  

Not only does this software save the day with high contrast and over and under exposed images, HDR editing can create an amazing array of digital art. 
Photomatix Pro
Photomatix is the editing option of choice if you work on a PC, though I can recommend both Photomatix and Aurora HDR. 

From subtle edits to bring out the details in the highlights and shadows of an image, to painterly effects and incredible textures for high impact photographic art - this is the best product around if you're a PC user and it is great fun to use.
Noiseless CK
If you use high ISO settings or take photos in low light, you will notice the 'noise' or grainy texture in your images.  If you edit your images heavily at time like I do, you'll notice the total breakdown of the pixels in certain areas of the image. 

Finishing your images with a noise reduction app is really important for getting rid of the grit.
Great Photo Tutorials
Photo Editing Courses
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All the ins and outs and why and how to use
the photo editing tools listed above.

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Taking the photo is just the beginning..
Photos never seem to look the same as the scene seemed to look to the eye....and so we edit and tweak to make them look like we remembered...and then sometimes it's about going beyond and creating art.

You'll notice if you've looked around for photo editing programs that there is an overwhelming selection of software, apps and online tools to choose from - so where do you start??? I'm not saying that everything else is no good but the tools listed here are my recommendations through years of experience.
If you'd like to read more I have an extensive list of the top photo editors - both free and paid, for Mac and PC in the Photography Basics Course.  You can grab it HERE.
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Clear and economical use of text and images. Photography Basics is a very useful tutorial. I'd recommend it to anybody. 
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Loved it, in some parts, it was good to know that I have been on the right track, and in other parts, hmmm,'is that how it's done' awesome! 
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